Thermal Performance


Thermal Performance

All of our glass is coated with a low emissivity coating even where safety glass is required, giving both safety and non-safety glass the same level of performance, achieving glass U value levels as low as 1.0 for double glazing, and 0.5 for triple glazing.

All glass panels are fitted and sealed in a quality controlled factory environment, ensuring the highest quality product. In addition, our glass allows your home to benefit from passive solar gain, with high G values. This balance between low heat loss, and high solar gain results in the best thermal performance.

The glass in HrachoWina Windows is deeply embedded into the frame, and surrounded by a series of thermal barriers to prevent cold bridging. We use a triple seal gasket and a multi-point locking system around the window to ensure air tightness.

These technologies enable Hrachowina Windows and Doors to achieve truly impressive U values; from 1.2 W/m2K to 0.7 W/m2K. In addition to providing you with a warm and comfortable living space, this results in real energy and cost savings for you. We've created a comparison table to show how big of a difference this can make to your annual heating costs.

Sound Performance

HrachoWina Windows and Doors offer high levels of sound insulation as standard. However some customers may require additional soundproofing, depending on the ambient sound levels in their neighbourhood. For these customers, we are happy to offer a range of sound protected glass.

By increasing the glass thickness, we can increase the level of sound insulation offered. This increased thickness is available for double or triple glazed windows.

Security Performance

HrachoWina Windows and Doors are built to last, and built to protect your home not only from heat loss, but also from unwanted intruders. Our security glass can be fitted to any window to ensure that even the most determined burglar will not be able to break the glass and gain access.

To achieve this level of security, we apply a very strong coating to the glass which will not rupture, even if the glass itself is shattered. In addition, our locking systems and hinges are protected from the outside, to ensure that any potential thief cannot access the mechanism.

Air Tightness Taping

HrachoWina Ireland offer air tightness taping as part of our comprehensive installation package. Without ensuring air tightness, no window will be able to achieve best performance.

At HrachoWina Ireland, we are committed to ensuring our products deliver the best results possible. We supply and fit air tightness taping on site at the time of installation.

A five year warranty is provided as standard as part of our terms and conditions.


Thermal Performance Sample Calculation

Summary of the basis for this calculation:

Typical detached house with approximately 60m2 window area and 20 watt light bulbs.

  • Window area: 60 m2
  • Price: EUR 0,15 / KWh
  • Temperature difference inside / outside: 16°
  • U-value of Standard Hrachowina Double Glazed Window: 1.2 W/m2K
  • U-value of Traditional Double Glazed WindowWindow: 2.5 W/m2K
  • U-value of Traditional Single Glazed WindowWindow: 5.6 W/m2K
  • Time frame: 5 months x 30 days = 150 days
  Standard Hrachowina
Double Glazed Window
Double Glazed Window
Single Glazed Window
Area x U-value of x watts x hours 60m2 x 1.2 x 16 x 1 60m2 x 2.8 x 16 x 1 60m2 x 5.6 x 16 x 1
Consumption per hour 1152Wh = 1.15 KWh 2688Wh = 2.7 KWh 5376Wh = 5.4 KWh
1 days 27.6 KWh (0.96kWh x 24) 64.5 KWh (5.4 kWh x 24) 129.6 KWh (5.4 kWh x 24)
150 days 4147 kWh (27.6 x 150) 9677 kWh (129.6 x 150) 19440 kWh (129.6 x 150)
Cost comparison
Consumption of heating season 3450 kWh ???? 19440 kWh
Price / KWh €0.15 €0.15 €0.15
Cost of heating season €622.08 (3450 x 0.15) €1,451.52 (9677 x 0.15) €2,916.00 (19440 x 0.15)
Saving   - €829.44 - €2,293.92

With modern windows you can save over €2,200 annually! And this is just with our standard double glazing; with our triple and passive house windows, you can save even more!

For full details of the thermal performance of our products, you can review this table, or talk to us for more information.