About Us

A reputation for quality

Established in Vienna in 1910 Hrachowina GmbH is a leading brand of wood and wood aluminium windows. With an unrivalled reputation for quality and innovation the name Hrachowina is synonymous with excellent windows and doors.

As the premier window brand in Austria Hrachowina use only the highest quality wood and materials, and have always invested heavily in the manufacturing process. We primarily service the Austrian, German and Irish windows and doors market.

The latest in window and door technology

Since its inception Hrachowina has always been at the forefront of window technology and manufacturing. The company introduced the first mass production line for standard sized windows, and also invented the first single hand operated tilt and turn mechanism. The company also built the first accredited window test centre in Austria.

In 2008 the company built a complete new production line utilizing the largest and most technically advanced CNC controlled window manufacturing process in Europe. This equipment enables the manufacture of complete windows in single as opposed to batch process. This means greater flexibility, lower costs and shorter lead times.

Hrachowina in Ireland

HrachoWina Window Systems Ltd are the exclusive representative for Hrachowina in Ireland and the UK. We pride ourselves on having supplied many of the highest specification and lowest energy houses built in Ireland over the last 8 years.

See our gallery for a full range of projects in Ireland.